Rodolphe BERGER (Vienna, 1864-1918). The... - Lot 49 - Crait + Müller

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Rodolphe BERGER (Vienna, 1864-1918). The... - Lot 49 - Crait + Müller
Rodolphe BERGER (Vienna, 1864-1918). The Knight of Eon Comic opera in 4 acts by Armand Silvestre and Henri Cain Theater of the Porte-Saint-Martin, 1908 Workshop Clérice Frères Imp. E. Delanchy in Paris Small tears and folds in the left margin and slightly yellowed paper. 91 x 65 cm - E. Rodolphe BERGER (1864-1916). Claudine Operetta in three acts by Willy, based on the novels by Willy and Colette Willy Théâtre du Moulin-Rouge, ca 1910 CLÉRICE Frères, ill. Imp. Ed. Delanchy in Paris Visible cracks and lower left corner, reconstituted on 12 cm 85 x 63,5 cm - E. Camille BAUCOIRAN (1878-1970). The king of Yvetot Operetta in three acts, libretto by Louis Payen Théâtre municipal de Nancy, 1927 A. GAILLARD, ill. Imp. Arts graphiques à Nancy 80 x 60 cm - E. Justin CLÉRICE (1863-1908). The girls of Jackson Cie Operetta in three acts by Maurice Ordonneau Théâtres des Bouffes-Parisiens, 1906 FARIA, ill. Posters Faria in Paris - Ed. Choudens in Paris 90 x 63 cm - E. Gabriel DUPONT (1878-1914). The Glue Popular musical drama in 4 acts and 5 tableaux, after Jean Richepin and Henri Cain Theater of the Opera of Nice, 1910 C.R. monogram, ill. Imp. Delanchy in Paris 86 x 64 cm - E. Henri FEVRIER (1875-1957). Carmosine Romantic tale by Henri Cain and Louis Payen Théâtre-lyrique de la Gaîté, 1913 Vikke V.D.BERGT, ill. Imp. R. Engelmann in Paris - Ed. R. Viellard in Paris 87 x 65 cm - E. Henri FEVRIER (1875-1957), Monna Vanna Lyric drama with four acts and five tableaux, poem by Maurice Maeterlinck. Théâtre National de l'Opéra, 1909 Georges FRAIPONT, ill. Slightly marked folds. 65,5 x 89,5 cm - E. Henry FEVRIER, (1875-1957). Gismonda Lyric drama in four acts after Victorien Sardou Théâtre de l'Opéra-Comique, 1919 Georges ROCHEGROSSE, ill. Imp. Maquet in Paris 92,5 x 69 cm - E. André FIJAN (18...-1958). Manette Operetta in three acts by Ferdinand Bessier and L. Le Bel Théâtre du Trianon-Lyrique, 1913 Yves MARNERY, ill. Imp. Publicité Wall in Paris - Ed. Max Eschig in Paris Small defect of canvas. 119 x 78,5 cm - E.
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