MASQUE ZUHU GOURO, Ivory Coast Hardwood... - Lot 109 - Crait + Müller

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MASQUE ZUHU GOURO, Ivory Coast Hardwood... - Lot 109 - Crait + Müller
MASQUE ZUHU GOURO, Ivory Coast Hardwood with black patina, red and white ochre pigments, lye blue. H. 41 cm high Face with sharp features, slit eyes surrounded by a triple ring, the straight and fine nose dominating an open mouth with teeth filed according to the canons of the style. The hair, flattened on the forehead, is patterned with large chevrons, also incised with multiple lines, as are the ornamental motifs on the cheeks and lateral appendages. At the top, the representation of a rooster's head on a bent neck, a lively polychromy, as on the human face, contrasting vigorously with the black of the deeply inlaid lacquer. On the reverse, the tool marks bear witness to ancient work. This zuhu entertainment mask of great presence can be compared to the copy reproduced in Eberhard Fischer's Guro: Masks, Performances and Master Carvers in Ivory Coast, Prestel Edition, 2008, p. 267 fig. 378, and attributed to the so-called "Master of the Duonu" (collection of the Rietberg Museum, Zürich). A Gouro sub-group, the Duonu are settled on the border of Senoufo territories, which explains the great formal kinship with the Kpelie masks here.
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