Georges SAUPIQUE (1889-1961) Portrait of... - Lot 107 - Crait + Müller

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Georges SAUPIQUE (1889-1961) Portrait of... - Lot 107 - Crait + Müller
Georges SAUPIQUE (1889-1961) Portrait of Monsignor Beaussart (1879-1952) Bronze with a brown patina. Signed G Saupique. Bears the mark of the foundryman Alexis Rudier Fondeur Paris. Rests on a cubic base in red Morello cherry marble. H. 27 cm, base H. 12.5 cm BIBLIOGRAPHIE : Comoedia, "Le Sculpteur Saupique nous parle de son premier modèle Mgr Beaussart, nouvel évêque auxiliaire de Paris", November 14, 1935, p. 3/6. As a student at Collège Stanislas, Georges Saupique took as his first model the college chaplain, Monseigneur Beaussart, future auxiliary bishop of Paris. Not working well at the School of Fine Arts, Georges Saupique decides to join the workshop of Roussaud, a former practitioner of Rodin. It was at this time that Abbé Beaussart was willing to pose for the young student out of friendship. He posed for eighteen months, several times a week, between 1912 and 1914. The tocsin of August 1914 interrupted this long study. His friend Raymond Delamarre then moulds himself the studies of his friend "a few hours before leaving for the front". Georges Saupique accurately portrays the features and character of this man. In addition to a thorough knowledge of flesh modelling, this portrait testifies to Saupique's ability to render in a poignant way the piercing intelligence and the ability to probe the characters of his former chaplain.
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