FRENCH school around 1660, surrounded by... - Lot 38 - Crait + Müller

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FRENCH school around 1660, surrounded by... - Lot 38 - Crait + Müller
FRENCH school around 1660, surrounded by the LE NAIN family. The preparation of the meal Card Players Pair of canvases. 70.5 x 89.5 cm Restorations. BIBLIOGRAPHIE : G. Isarlo, " Les three The Dwarf and their suite ", The Renaissance, No. 1, March 1938, reproduced figures 146 and 147. We will bring our two paintings together with two others of the same size; La collation rustique and Femme déposant un plateau de darioles sur une table, which were on sale anonymously, Paris, Hôtel Drouot, 28 June 1999, n°110 reproduced (see P. Rosenberg, Tout l'œuvre peint des Le Nain, Paris 1993, C12 and C13, reproduced). This group of paintings was studied by Jean-Pierre Cuzin in his article "Une suite de questions pour le Maître des Cortèges", Revue du Louvre 2009, n°4, p.43 : he sees a French master, "with stiff village or town figures, engaged in household or agricultural activities, or eating their meals. With sharply shaped cut-outs, especially those of the table tops seen from above, which are quite characteristic". While Pierre Rosenberg brought these paintings closer to the Master of the Processions, Jean-Pierre Cuzin sees in them an artist close to Jean Tassel. In any case, he is a painter of reality, close to the Le Nain brothers in terms of subject matter, and dated around 1650-1660.
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