Chevillard]. - Livre du blazon contenant... - Lot 128 - Crait + Müller

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Chevillard]. - Livre du blazon contenant... - Lot 128 - Crait + Müller
Chevillard]. - Livre du blazon contenant une emple explication des métaux et couleurs avec leurs significations, les huict points de l'écu des différantes couronnes et tenants etc. pour l'usage des armoiries. Paris, Vaneck, s.d. Bound with : Méthode facile pour apprendre le blason où l'on a joint les armes accolées des princes et princesses ducs et duchesses et celles des maisons des plus considérables de France avec les explications des ornements extérieurs. Paris, Vanheck, 1749. In-12, bound in glazed blond calf, cold framed fillets, spine ribbed, entrenerfs decorated with a star, red edges - spine slightly unstained, one spinebone weakened, snagged at the head cover - [engraved title], 21 pp. engraved (5 pp. of text in cursive letters giving the explanation of the 16 plates of coats of arms, 3 of which are mounted on strong vellum); [engraved title] and 72 plates, the last two of which are missing and have been replaced by wash drawings. Rare heraldic collection containing two uncommon treatises, the first of which has one copy in the CCFR, the second of which has three copies (Saffroy 2308, 2310). Attached: Menestrier, Claude-François (le père). - La philosophie des images composée d'un ample recueil de devises et du jugement de tous les ouvrages qui ont été faits sur cette matière. Paris, Robert de la Caille, 1682. In-4, bound in full brown calf, spine ribbed, ornamented entrenerfs - Leather very worn, gilding of the entrenerfs almost completely faded, scattered freckles - [8 ff.], 336 pp. 10 woodcuts representing the stars. Ex-libris "Vaincre toi" by J. Trécou. Collection of 1123 Latin mottos on the theme of the stars, with their translation into French and their explanation. First edition of a work that will be taken up and amplified in a second edition in 1694.
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