[Docteur Marcel Petiot] Petiot's prescriptions... - Lot 98 - Crait + Müller

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[Docteur Marcel Petiot] Petiot's prescriptions... - Lot 98 - Crait + Müller
[Docteur Marcel Petiot] Petiot's prescriptions and the prescription book of pharmacist Haas, Petiot's supplier. 1/ - Three prescriptions signed by Dr. Marcel Petiot, written on his letterhead. Established in 1933 at 66 rue de Caumartin, in a completely different district from the Haas pharmacy, Marcel Petiot temporarily interrupted his career between August 1936 and February 1937 due to internment at the Ivry nursing home. Of the three prescriptions, two were honored by the Haas pharmacy: that of April 19, 1937, ordered the following day, and that of June 26, honored on the 29th. 2/ - Prescription book for Haas pharmacy, 113 rue de l'Ouest, Paris, from March 1937 to July 1938. One black cloth-covered register (33 x 25 cm) - Spine and top cover dislocated from body of book, covers stained, label detached - 400 pp. numbered, initialed at beginning and end of register. Opened on March 27, 1937 and closed on July 8, 1938, the prescription book records all prescriptions for preparations based on substances listed in Tables A and B. Among the prescribing physicians, we occasionally note Dr. Marcel Petiot. As early as April 20, 1937 (p. 18), he prescribed 10 centigrams of heroin in a potion based on drosera and belladonna. On June 26 (p. 82), he prescribed chloroformed water, and on June 29 (p. 83), 15 grams of laudanum for the same patient. Another naphtha-based potion on July 17 (p. 98). On August 25 (p. 116), pills containing theobromine, sodium phosphate and caffeine. On November 3, he requests a complex preparation based on manganese sulfate, phosphoric acid, vomit walnut tincture, sodium glycerophosphate, cocoa tincture, vanilla tincture, fresh kola tincture and caramel. Further prescriptions are found on March 12, 1938 (p. 296), March 28 (p. 314), April 8 (p. 327) and May 3 (p. 355). Although none of the substances prescribed were banned at the time, it should be remembered that, claiming to be a specialist in detoxification, Dr. Petiot could issue prescriptions of convenience to drug addicts without risking arrest for narcotics trafficking.
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