Carré de Montgeron, Louis-Basile. - La vérité... - Lot 14 - Crait + Müller

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Carré de Montgeron, Louis-Basile. - La vérité... - Lot 14 - Crait + Müller
Carré de Montgeron, Louis-Basile. - La vérité des miracles opérés par l'intercession de M. de Paris démontrée contre M. l'archevêque de Sens, work dedicated to the king. Utrecht, les Libraires de la Compagnie, 1737. 1 vol. in-4 bound in full brown calf, spine ribbed and decorated - Corners pierced, jaws split, head cap frayed, one folding plate dislodged - Multiple pagination: XVIII, [2], 32, 4, 63, 79, 52, 74, 56, 4, 52, 32, 28, XXVIII, XXXVIII, XXX, LVI, XXVII, XVIII, XXVIII, XX pp. 20 plates, one folding. Famous affair set on the bangs of the quarrel surrounding the Unigenitus bull and Jansenism. The deacon Pâris, who died at the age of 39 in 1727, was buried in the Saint-Médard cemetery in Paris. Jansenists were quick to spread the rumor of miraculous cures at his intercession. Scenes of mass hysteria took place at the deacon's grave, to the point where Louis XV had to close the cemetery. Carré de Montgeron, a councillor at the Paris parliament, was convinced of the reality of the healings, so he assembled all the relevant documents, had them printed and delivered the work personally to the king. Louis XV immediately had him imprisoned, and Carré de Montgeron never regained his freedom. Engraved plates based on drawings by painter Jean Restout depict patients before and after their recovery. The diseased organs are depicted as vignettes within the image, creating a strangely disturbing iconography.
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