Set of modern illustrated literature. 1/... - Lot 206 - Crait + Müller

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Set of modern illustrated literature. 1/... - Lot 206 - Crait + Müller
Set of modern illustrated literature. 1/ - Gérard de Nerval. - Les Chimères. Paris, Pour les Amis de Poésie, 1944. In-4 in sheets with titled cover, titled folder on the spine and publisher's slipcase - 26 lithographs in black by Luc-Albert Moreau (1 fr., 1 portrait h-t of Nerval, 24 in-t of which 4 full page). Edition of 190 copies all on white vellum of the Marais (n° 148). 2/ - Poems by Charles Baudelaire. - Paris, Textes, Prétextes, 1946. In-4 in sheets under a filled illustrated cover, titled box on the first cover and on the spine. Illustrated with 19 lithographs h-t by L. Hervieu in black (including the cover). Edition at 330 copies all on Lana vellum (n° 143 nominative), with the additional plate reserved for the Sté des Francs-Bibliophiles. 3/ - Claude Debussy. - Letter to two friends. Robert Godet and G. Jean-Aubry. Paris, Les Exemplaires, 1942. In-8 paperback with titled cover, titled folder, publisher's slipcase. Illustrated with 1 frontispiece (signed in pencil), 3 headbands and 2 endpapers by Galanis. One of 99 copies reprinted on Canson et Montgolfier vellum (n° 14), with a second frontispiece, signed in pencil and justified "2". 4/ - Irène Némirovsky. - David Golder. Cercle Lyonnais du Livre, 1948. In-4 in sheets with printed cover, titled folder and publisher's slipcase. Illustrated with 37 lithographs in black (30 in-t, some double-page and 7 h-t). Edition at 160 copies all on Marais vellum (n° 127 nominative). The menu of the banquet "David Golder" (30/04/1948) with a plate h-t representing the members of the Cercle reading the work is enclosed. 5/ - Abel Monnot. - Besançon. Paris, Les Bibliophiles Comtois, 1938. In-4 in sheets under a printed cover, publisher's folder and case (in poor condition). Illustrated with a frontispiece, a title vignette and 62 in-t in black. Edition of 150 copies all on vélin du Marais (n° 130 nominative). 6/ - Honor and Homeland. Here is the general De Gaulle. Paris, Éditions G. P., 1945. In-4 in sheets under typographed filled cover, titled folder and publisher's slipcase (accidents). Illustrated with a frontispiece and 24 burins by Decaris. Edition at 350 numbered copies, this one of the 300 on Arches vellum (n° 265). 7/ - Raoul Dufy. - Drawings and Sketches extracted from Raoul Dufy's notebooks. Paris, Louis Carré, 1944. In-4 in sheets with printed cover, titled folder and publisher's slipcase. Illustrated with 63 plates h-t in black, some with double page or multiple subjects. Edition at 703 copies, this one of the 300 on vellum of Annonay (n° 466). Attached is a set of engraved suite defêts: 1/ - 30 different plates by Georges Jeanniot in different states (in total 50 plates) on a suite of 35 engravings belonging to Jean Richepin's book "Les petits gagne-pain parisiens" published in Paris and engraved for Jean Borderel in 1927. This volume in-4, not paginated, gathered 29 poems of Richepin with calligraphy and engraved text. The work should have contained 6 additional poems that death prevented the author from writing. However, Jeanniot had already made the engravings, i.e. 6 h-t and 6 title banners. In total, the book thus contained 35 h-t and 35 headbands. The edition was only 30 copies, of which 3 were on Japon. We enclose 3 of the 29 poems engraved on 6 leaves with 3 headbands and 3 h-t (present in the suite). 2/ - 21 different engraved plates by Léon Carré dated 1911 (bowl size: minimum 7,5 x 10,5 cm, maximum 9,1 x 10,5 cm) printed on Hollande van Gelder. Incomplete suite of Leconte de Lisle's "Poèmes barbares" published in Paris by Jean Borderel in 1911. The work included 1 frontispiece, 2 vignettes (on the title and on the table) and 22 in-t.
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