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Theatre - Lot of 20 L.A.S. from playwrights,... - Lot 135 - Crait + Müller
Theatre - Lot of 20 L.A.S. from playwrights, theatre directors and actors. 19th-20th century. - Julia Bartet. 30 December 1907. 3 pp. in-8. She refuses to be a member of the Comédie Française Committee; Georges Berr. April 2, 1937. On the reasons for the fall of her play, Une femme d'un autre âge; Marthe Brandès. Cannot give her correspondent a seat for the premiere of Sardou's play. "It's going to be very soon now and I'm beginning to be in a state of nerves that you must understand [...]"; Augustine Brohan; Pauline Carton to Georges Chamarat. 2 pp, in-4, she gives him details of Meilhac and Halévy's "Le Mari de la débutante"; Jules Claretie to a French comedian: "On ne relève pas avec du fer mais avec la pelle et le balai"; Coquelin Cadet to Silvain; Constant Coquelin; Jean Croué, 3 October 1931. "Don't worry about the staging. Mine is in the Italian style, so it is absolutely free [...] Above all, good humour and movement - and invention [...]"; Feraudy (2); Virginie Déjazet (2): 18 May 1839. She has just obtained the authorization to give a performance for her benefit at the Odéon; Félix Faure to Jules Claretie. He recommends a student from the Conservatoire to her; Pierre Fresnay to Georges Chamarat; Félix Galipaux; Edmond Got; Louis Jouvet; Polin to Jules Claretie, April 19th 1902; Réjane.
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