[Northern Region] - Breuvart, [Jean-Léonard].... - Lot 132 - Crait + Müller

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[Northern Region] - Breuvart, [Jean-Léonard].... - Lot 132 - Crait + Müller
[Northern Region] - Breuvart, [Jean-Léonard]. - Philosophia moralis, dictata a reverendo admodum domino Breuvari... S. l. n., 1759-1760. 1 vol. in-16 (format in-8), bound in half calf with corners - Worn binding, boards rubbed, cuts open - [1 f.], 363 pp. Course in moral philosophy taught by Father Jean-Léonard Breuvart at the college of Arras and taken down during the school year 1759-1760, finished on July 12 of that year by the student Nicolas Joseph Helle, from Louvignies, born in 1745 in Louvignies-Bavay, who became a doctor in Bavay in the North where he died in 1817. His teacher of rhetoric, Jean-Léonard Breuvart became then parish priest of Saint-Pierre de Douai in 1783 and was elected deputy of the bailliage of Douai in 1789. Emigrated to Germany after the civil constitution of the clergy, he returned to France and was appointed parish priest of Saint-Sauveur de Lille in 1800. He died in 1814.
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