Set of documents and photographs belonging... - Lot 98 - Crait + Müller

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Set of documents and photographs belonging... - Lot 98 - Crait + Müller
Set of documents and photographs belonging to Albert Ehrhard, a German Catholic priest of Alsatian origin. A scholar, he was the author of numerous works on the history of the Church, particularly the early Church, and on theology, especially patristics. He taught at the Faculty of Theology in Vienna and became its dean in 1899. His career took him to Freiburg im Breisgau in 1902, then to Strasbourg in 1903 where he was appointed rector. He taught church history in Bonn from 1920 to 1927. In the meantime he was appointed prelate. He died in Bonn in 1940. The documents presented here concern his time in Vienna during the period 1898-1902. 1/ - Photo album in full tan long-grained morocco with silver coat of arms on a velvet background, in a rectangular recess with rounded corners curved inwards, brass spring clasp, brass cabochons on the second plate, mute spine, gilt paper endpapers, gilt edges. Album dedicated to A. Ehrhard by his students in appreciation of his teaching. There is a photo, with the names, of the students of the classes of 1898-1899 (6), 1899-1900 (9), 1900-1901 (7), 1901-1902 (18). Photos in excellent condition. 2/ - Photo album in full tan morocco, first cover decorated with a massive brass and silver metal frame imitating an old-fashioned safe with a central plate reminiscent of a safe door and in the centre a medallion bearing "Dr. A. E." in gilt or enamelled letters, silver metal clasp with lock (without key), smooth spine, copper cabochons on the second cover, green moire endpapers (binder: Franz Pfaller, Wien) Album given to A. Ehrhard by his students with a dedication, a colour photo of the university, then the photo album of the students by class, with their photos and names: 1901-1902 (23) - 1900-1901 (20). Photos in excellent condition. 3/ - Souvenir wallet offered by the students of A. Ehrhard in Vienna in 1900. A sheet of thanks and 2 sheets of signatures (40). Hardback portfolio covered with blue velvet, brass corner edges, blue silk endpapers. Velvet faded and damaged. 4/ - Souvenir wallet offered by the students of A. Ehrhard in Vienna in 1902. 4 pages calligraphed in black, red and gold, followed by the signature of the donating students (24). The set is presented in a tan morocco portfolio, the first cover of which is decorated with a brass frame spaced with large brass fleurons and polychrome enamels fixed by nails (lower left corner detached); the centre presents a recess with tormented contours and a morocco background on which is fixed a brass and enamel plate bearing in the centre the monogram "A E". Leatherette with wear and tear. 5/ - Small photo album (15,3 x 12,2 cm) in full brown buffalo, brass medallion with shield (not loaded) fixed in the center, brass clasp. Unbound inside. Contains 14 photos or reproductions of priests, prelates, pope, nuns; 15 civilians (including 2 women in Alsatian costume); 1 photo of a couple of storks; 3 reproductions (Napoleon I, Napoleon Bonaparte, Eugenie Montijo). Attached: Arndt, Augustin. - Die Bibel in der Kunst. Nach original Illustrationen erster Meister der Gegenwar. Mainz: von Kirchheim & Co, 1905. In-folio, publisher's cloth decorated with Art Nouveau motifs - cloth soiled - Illustrated with 97 black reproductions pasted on leaves, accompanied by an explanatory text. Belonged to Albert Ehrhard with his signature.
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