SEVRES, 18th century BOIZOT A TÊTE DE BOUC... - Lot 167 - Crait + Müller

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SEVRES, 18th century BOIZOT A TÊTE DE BOUC... - Lot 167 - Crait + Müller
SEVRES, 18th century BOIZOT A TÊTE DE BOUC " VASE made of hard paste in an ovoid shape with polychrome decoration on the face in an oval medallion with gold fillet engraved with cross ribbons, of a country landscape to the left of an antique stone door topped by a shield crowned with three fleurs-de-lis, next to a column with ruins and in the distance a village. On the other side is a large bouquet of flowers with roses, tulips and ranunculus in an oval medallion. Handles in the shape of a goat's head holding draperies nailed above the reserves. Under the handles a crown of flowers held by gold mantling. Gold fillets at the top of the shoulder and garlands of flowers held by nails in the throat. At the base of the vase, friezes of gold water leaves in relief. It is mounted on a bronze pedestal with acanthus leaves, itself resting on a square sarancolin marble base. The lid is missing. Redone horns, splinters on the draperies and gold wear on the edges. Missing pedestal replaced later by a bronze and white marble pedestal resting on a square marble base. H. 40 cm high This vase was designed by Louis-Simon Boizot, appointed director of the sculpture workshop of the Royal Porcelain Manufactory of Sévres on April 1, 1773. His appointment contributed to the emergence of a new Louis XVI style in the design and production of hard-paste vases. The vases could be decorated with frames created by Pierre Gouthière (1732-1813), François Rémond (1745-1812) or Pierre-Philippe Thomire (1751-1843) chiselers-bronziers . In 1776 he designed a "goat's head" vase, some of whose models and drawings were reused in Sevres in the 19th century, such as the "Boizot à têtes de boucs modifié" vase of 1869. Its name remains linked to the "Grand Vase Boizot" intended for Louis XVI and kept today in the Louvre Museum (OA6627). It was in business until 1800, when Alexandre Brongniart took over the management of the Manufacturer.
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