• Sold: 3 800 €
    Miguel BERROCAL (1933-2006)
    CABALLO CASINAIDE, 1978-1979
    Sculpture démontable en bronze,
    22 éléments, signée et numérotée 813/2000 sur la terrasse.
    39 x 39 x 18 cm
  • Adjugé : 4 200 €
    Alberto GUZMAN (1927-2017)
    PACHAMAMA, 2000
    Bronze à patine brune signé,
    daté et numéroté 3/6. Fondeur Landowski.
    23 x 37 x 39 cm
  • Adjugé : 1 600 €
    Emmanuel Frémiet (1824-1910)
    Chef gaulois
    Épreuve en bronze à patine brune
    Signé « E. FREMIET » sur la terrasse
    Dim. : H. 37 et terrasse : 25,7 x 8 cm


Crait+Müller owes its reputation and position as a specialist in the French art market to its sales of sculptures and artists' studios. Since its inaugural sale in 2016, which set the French auction record for a Rembrandt Bugatti bronze (1.2 million), Crait+Müller, located in the heart of the Drouot district, has become one of the leading Parisian auction houses for the sale of ancient and modern sculptures. We have auctioned works by Camille Claudel, Louis Dejean, Joseph-Antoine Bernard, Marcel Sandoz, Antoine Bourdelle, Auguste Rodin, Robert Wlerick, etc., which have been rewarded with high prices. We work in collaboration with Lacroix & Jeannest, a firm of experts for sculptures from the Middle Ages to the 19th century, and with Mathilde Desvages, an expert in 20th century sculpture, in order to guarantee our buyers and collectors the quality and authenticity of the works we offer at auction.

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