A set of books and engravings. 1/ - Rat,... - Lot 37 - Crait + Müller

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A set of books and engravings. 1/ - Rat,... - Lot 37 - Crait + Müller
A set of books and engravings.

1/ - Rat, Maurice - The artists of the book. Chimot. Paris, Henry Babou, 1931. In-4 in sheets under black and red printed and filled cover - scattered foxing - 36 pp, [4 ff.] Illustrated with a self-portrait of the artist in frontispiece, a title vignette, 8 in-t, 20 h-t and an original drawing in colours. Edition at 850 copies, this one of the 100 collaborators on Japon (n° XXXII) with the illustrator's initials as well as an E.A.S. to the justification including an unpublished engraving on vellum (XXXII/100), signed in ink in the margin as well as a refused plate (on Japon nacré).

2/ - Garaudy, Roger. - Moretti. Nice, Le Chant des Sphères, 1970. In-folio in sheets under illustrated cover (accidents on the spine) - [17 ff.]. Illustrated with 10 plates h-t (6 photographs in black, including 1 double page, 3 photographs in colour and 1 lithograph in colour), and 8 photographs in black in-t. Numbered copy (n°619).

3/ - Set of engravings and lithographs.

a) - Domergue: set of 36 suites in different states of 12 different lithographs for the illustration of a book. Comments and indications in black pencil or in color of the artist, some with a print order.

b) - 34 sets of suites engraved by Lobel-Riche in black or bistre representing 24 different subjects and 10 duplicates.

c) - 8 caricatural or humorous engravings (Albert Duvivier, Henri Chartier...).

d) - 2 lithographs printed in sepia from an edition at 100 copies of children's heads (Th. d'Estrissy?).

e) - 5 color engravings from an edition at 150 copies representing city views (3) or Mediterranean coasts (2).

f) - Menu of the 301st dinner (26/04/1933) of the Artistic and Literary Society "Le Cornet" decorated with a naked drawing of Carlègle.

g) - 9 advertising panels in colours on strong paper by M. Millière (1909) representing a woman's head praising the merits of "Midina" and "Frisette" waving pins (all identical).

h) - 3 print orders for colour engravings by Georges Villa for the illustration of the book "Montmartre a chanté" with 1 sheet of text of "papillons de nuit" (one of the songs of the second collection).

i) - Poulbot: set of 11 advertising plates drawn by Poulbot (8 different drawings)
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